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Great minds and Harry Reid



One of the most puzzling aspects of the flap over Sen. Harry Reid's reported racially oriented remarks about President Obama was how quickly most of the Washington press corps regurgitated a new book's take that the remarks were somehow offensive.

I've yet to hear any of the Beltway big feet articulate why that was, except because Mark Halperin suggested it.

Arkansas Republicans madly beat the same drum, trying to tar Sen. Blanche Lincoln with her refusal to castigate Reid. They raised a bogus parallel with Trent Lott. That prompted my column this week. I'm happy to see Joe Conason and I are in the same camp. What did Harry Reid do but speak the truth and perhaps use a word no longer in fashion in doing so? Trent Lott endorsed a segregationist presidential candidacy on top of years of sympathy for neo-Confederates and animus to civil rights.

However offended you may have been by Senator Reid, still make your contributions to Philander Smith payable to the United Negro College Fund.

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