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Baker: repeal health reform



U.S. Sen. candidate Gilbert Baker held a press conference today, but didn't have much to announce.  He said the two main themes of his campaign would be to institute term limits for U.S. senators and a balanced budget at the federal level.  Baker also pledged to work toward repealing any health care reform passed by Congress, as some uber-teabaggers have suggested.  Remember, we're talking about legislation that will cover millions of uninsured and keep insurance companies from royally screwing those most in need.

UPDATE: Another candidate, Curtis Coleman, rips Baker's statement. Along the way, he claims Baker wants to run for governor in four years anyway. I am unaware that Baker has ever said such a thing.

UPDATE II: Baker responds. He ain't running for governor. (If he's elected to Senate.)


Conservative Republican businessman and U.S. Senate candidate Curtis Coleman responded to State Sen. Gilbert Baker’s announcement today that he is supporting a balanced budget amendment and will also limit himself to two terms if elected.
“I found Sen. Baker’s statement to be both curious and concerning. Curious, in that Sen. Baker has said that he’s running for the U.S. Senate to lay the groundwork to run for Governor in four years and that if he wins the Governor’s race, he’ll resign his Senate seat.

“His statement about the balanced budget amendment is concerning because there are only two ways to balance a budget – cut spending or increase taxes.  Sen. Baker has a history of voting for tax increases as a member of the Arkansas legislature.
“My commitment is to attack the debt which is a clear and present danger and a matter of national security. We must reduce the cost of government by reducing the size of government. Our federal government has far outgrown the intent prescribed in the Constitution, and we must have Senators committed to limiting the federal government to that design.
“It seems that Sen. Baker lacks that commitment.  We just don’t need to replace career politicians with career politicians.  We already have too many people making the rules who’ve never played in the game."


"Gilbert Baker is running for U.S. Senate and is committed to serving just two terms. Nothing more, nothing less. Sen. Baker supports a balanced budget and restoring fiscal discipline to our budgetary process. Calling someone a career politician is a hollow statement considering that Senator Baker spent 20 years educating future leaders of our country. It's disappointing that Mr. Coleman is desperately committing his campaign to tearing each other down rather than working to provide checks and balances on the Obama Administration."

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