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News of a coming traffic roundabout at Pike Avenue and Broadway in North Little Rock stirred a lot of comment yesterday, so I think I need to pass along:

1) There's been a revision in cost, from $2 million to $1.6 million.

2) I've asked the lead engineer about readers' questioning of the formula used for figuring the traffic circle's stated 1,275-foot circumference, given the stated 203-foot diameter. Readers say the formula for circumference is multiplying pi (3.14) times diameter, which, given these numbers, would produce a much smaller circumference result. Your full-service Arkansas Blog is trying to solve this mystery.

UPDATE: Readers win again. Citing a "typographical error" in the original news release, an engineer on the project tells me the correct circumference is roughly 640 feet.

3) I'm in possession of "talking points" for Mayor Hays on the wonders of the traffic circle:


Here are some key points for the Mayor to discuss.  Let me know if you need

1. Total diameter = 203 feet
2. Total circumference = 1275 640 feet
3. Number of circulating lanes = 2 (with a truck mountable concrete apron)
4. Traffic advantages:
  a. Effective for traffic calming
  b. Ensures continuous movement of traffic, unlike signals, thus reduces
  c. Pedestrian friendly
  d. Slower speeds, thus lesser accidents & injuries
5. Construction time - 9 Months
6. Jobs created - We have 3 Disadvantaged Business Enterprise subcontractors
working on this project.
7. Firms involved:
McClelland Consulting Engineers, Inc (Civil)
Hargrave Engineers, Inc (Electrical)
Ecological Design Group (Landscaping)
City of North Little Rock
Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department
Redstone Construction Group, Inc (Contractor)

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