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The latest ill-advised utterance from Fox host Mike Huckabee -- torture jokes:

In a discussion about whether or not the Christmas underwear bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, should have been held by the military instead of a civilian prison, Mike Huckabee sounded more like Jack Bauer than a former pastor. First, Huckabee argued that the suspect should be held by the military in order to get him to “sing like a canary.” He continued, “Frankly, I’d rather the military or the CIA take him and do whatever they need to do, including fill his underpants back up with whatever explosive and put him in a field and let a U.S. Marine detonate it if they have to, get this guy to talk." Huckabee allowed as how "I'm being a little facetious about that… but my point being, we want him to talk.”

Huck also said he favored a "speedy disposition" of the suspect after a speedy trial. 

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