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Political story lines: No corrections



Al Gore never said he invented the Internet, despite the umptyjillion serious and joking press statements that say he did.

I'm reminded of that by this provocative headline on a funny piece in Slate:

How Mike Huckabee got my 81-year-old father arrested for bank robbery.

The story isn't about Huckabee, but about the arrest of an 81-year-old Idaho lawyer on suspicion of bank robbery. The headline derives from police edginess in the days following the slaying of Washington police officers by a man Huckabee released from prison through a commutation. Fair. Unfair. Doesn't matter. Mike Huckabee invented Maurice Clemmons. That's the story line.

Perhaps this episode offers a bit of explanation of why Mike Huckabee doesn't appear in the top five of a National Journal "insiders' poll" of the likely Republican nominee in 2012. Mitt Romney led. I don't buy it. If Huckabee should put his media business aside to run again, I still think he would finish ahead of Romney. Beltway political insiders don't vote in the Iowa Republican caucus or the South Carolina primary. Evangelical Christians do.

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