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You take Sarah Palin ...



... we'll take these Alaska imports -- Jenna Rutecki and Amber Kelly -- who've rewritten the women's swimming record books at UALR. Their hometown paper, in Juneau, Alaska, has given them a fine writeup.

Both said the biggest adjustment has been the culture shock of going from the secluded confines of Southeast Alaska to the wide-open capital city of Arkansas, which has a population of about 190,000 people.

"The people are almost as friendly as here, and meeting new people and trying to understand what some of them are saying - their accents are a little (different)," Kelly chuckled. "It's kind of a culture shock compared to up here. Everyone here kind of knows each other. There, everyone's in a rush and not as laid back."

"It's huge. It's really big," Rutecki (pictured) said of Little Rock. "I've only lived in Juneau, so it's the biggest place I've ever lived."

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