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No time for taxes



A highway revenue (taxes) panel continues it works and seems to focus on either a wholesale excise tax (up to a whopping 6 percent) or a gallon-tax pegged to an inflation index (a plan that would have added 9 cents to a gallon of gas over the last four years, according to one study).

Gov. Mike Beebe has already put the kibosh on robbing general revenue to put highway contractors back to work. He's also expressed coolness to any tax increases in these difficult times. It's nothing but common sense. Needing 75 votes, even the coalition of bond houses, bond lawyers, contractors and chambers of commerce would be sorely tested to pass anything in these hard times.

(And isn't it always interesting to see the keep-government-out-of-my-pocket business crowd rally for taxes on the pickup drivers and soccer moms?)

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