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Obama: a 'vacuum'



John Brummett reviews President Obama and his administration's reaction to the underpants bomber and finds it wanting.

The Obama administration does not want to frighten us into cowering and declining to proceed apace with our commerce and lifestyle. And it does not want to act as if al-Qaida bothers us much. The thinking is that a war of terror wins if you let it terrorize you.

I see the logic. I also behold the conspicuous vaccuum in candid leadership.

Brummett would have summarily fired Janet Napolitano for saying the system worked. Which is a good place to mention the unpleasant Maureen Dowd's sympathetic take on what Napolitano said and did. (She explains the security chief was referring to steps taken after the incident, etc.)

Brummett also says of the president the country needs:

We need one who’d tell us the first day this plain truth: There are people trying to kill us and we will go wherever they are — to outlaw territory of Yemen or deep into Pakistani border caves — to obliterate them and their evil.

Speaking as someone who was cool on Obama when it wasn't cool, I'd comment in his defense that we had, for eight years, a tall-talking president who answered precisely to Brummett's description. Ask Osama bin Laden how well that turned out.

Also, even some Republicans are defending Napolitano.

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