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Memorial for slain Salvation Army worker



A memorial service was held this afternoon in North Little Rock for Philip Wise, the Salvation Army major slain Christmas Eve in a robbery attempt as he returned to a Salvation Army center after a day of bell-ringing. Jeremy Peppas of Stephens Media covered the service for Wise, only the third Salvation Army worker to be slain on the job in the evangelical organization's long history:

“When you look around the neighborhood where the Salvation Army is, it is a spiritual battleground. Philip Wise became a victim of that war. Evil showed its ugly face,” said Bob Cornett, a Salvation Army captain from Wise’s native West Virginia who planned to spend Christmas with the Wise family.

“Wise believed in the redemptive power of Christ,” Cornett added. “By God’s grace and mercy we can move forward. That afternoon they may have killed him. They can’t touch his spirit, they can’t take his legacy.”

Police have made no arrests in the case. Two young men confronted Wise as he walked to the center with his children. His wife, also a Salvation Army worker, was inside.

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