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Spin cycle: Health care reform



I don't intend to maintain a comprehensive compendium of the spin issuing from various positions on health care.

But here's Sen. Blanche Lincoln's roundup of people validating her work.

The AARP of Arkansas has issued a statement praising Senators Lincoln and Pryor for advancing "meaningful" health legislation.

Americans for Koch Billionaires, er, Prosperity says, in part:

This Christmas Eve, while most Arkansas families are getting ready for the holidays with their children, Senator Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor voted this morning to saddle the next generation of Arkansans with massive debt to pay for their out of control government spending.” 

The leader of the AFL-CIO, Richard Trumka, said:

In the face of inexcusable partisanship, obstruction and gamesmanship, it is remarkable that Majority Leader Reid was able to move a health care bill through the United States Senate.  Not since the passage of Medicare 44 years ago have we seen Republican scare tactics so blatantly contrary to the interests of the American people.

Republican senatorial candidates Gilbert Baker and Curtis Coleman both go for the "lump of coal" metaphor, saying that's what bad ol' Blanche put in the state's Christmas stocking. Said Baker:

Arkansans can take her 'yes' vote as a sign that she supports higher taxes, taxpayer-funded abortions, massive cuts to Medicare, and higher health care costs for Arkansans.

Or, you might say she supports a better, more humane America striving to create a system aimed at insuring people don't die for lack of adequate health coverage.

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