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One of my favorite Christmas Eve traditions, a family walk after the streets have quieted, seems likely to be a rainout this year.

We're ending the rainiest year on record with up to six inches of rain in some places in the last 24 hours.

Roads closed by flooding all over the place. Currently, the KATV list includes Interstate 30 between the Pulaski County line and Bryant and an alternate route there, Highway 5, is also flooded.

UPDATE: Rain for the year in Little Rock is more than 79 inches, a record since records started in 1882. The 4.5 inches in LR yesterday was a daily record. A Heights reader has recorded 8 inches of rain yesterday and today on his home gauge. (And he's an engineer, so I trust him.)

UPDATE II: Fox 16 has video from an inerview wiith a marina dweller who jumped from his boat just as it and part of the marina boat docks were swept away down the river and a collision with the I-430 bridge.

Below, a Twitpic of LR fire rescue at work in a rescue from the creek-flooded golf driving range on University. A cat was the object of rescuers.


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