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It's winter solstice today. And the Arkansas Freethinkers Society has a celebration planned by its new Capitol display at 9:30 p.m. today. There will be distribution of a limited supply of the greeting cards above, a reworking of a critical D-G editorial cartoon about the Freethinkers' successful lawsuit to win inclusion on the Capitol grounds with the Nativity scene.

Brummett thinks the freethinkers are a bother, by the way.


The Arkansas Society of Freethinkers recently gained permission by a federal judge to place a holiday display on the Capitol lawns alongside another display. The court's decision is Win-Win for everyone; there were no losers.  We get back our freedom to express ourselves, just like the other display’s owners. And no display is being moved, altered, or removed as a result of the judges ruling. Then the AR Democrat Gazette printed this cartoon [not shown] depicting the freethinkers as Grinches on a sleigh being pulled by a dog-branded "ACLU."
Arkansas Society of Freethinkers would like to invite you out to the display on the south side of the Capitol lawn Monday, December 21st at 9:30pm, where we will be celebrating the Winter Solstice, the end of daylight growing shorter.  The earth will now start tilting the other way.  Plus you can see our display and get your limited-supply Arkansas Society of Freethinkers Greeting Card (attached top right). Suitable to send to anyone in our community. Send them to your friends, neighbors, and family..

In keeping with promoting unity within the community, we hope our Jewish neighbors had a very Happy Hanukkah last week.

Happy Holidays,
Your Arkansas Society of Freethinkers

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