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Huckabee in the spotlight



Mike Huckabee, Fox and radio show host, gets a friendly feature today from Howard Kurtz in the Washington Post. Looking for a late Christmas idea? Give your loved one a $3,999 trip to Israel with Mike -- and, bonus, Janet. There's a Huckster clause naturally:

Huckabee hasn't exactly abandoned Republican politics, either. On Sunday, he headlined a Nebraska rally staged to oppose the Democrats' health care bill. His HuckPAC has been involved in local races, raising $305,000 in this campaign cycle. His Web site urges followers to "Vote No Against Senate Health Care Bill" and invites fans to join him and his wife, Janet (for just $3,999!), on a tour of Israel next month. Fox executives told Huckabee to stop plugging the Web site on the air after learning that it linked to his political action committee, which the network deemed a conflict of interest.

Say, by the way: The NY Times hardcover nonfiction bestseller list, on which Huckabee's latest pamphlet appears at No. 11, bears an asterisk dagger sign indicating that bookstores have reported bulk buys of the volume. The Huckster wouldn't use PAC money to buy bulk quantities of his book would he? No, surely not.

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