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Arkansas idols: Blanche?



The New York Times today warmly mentions a debut album by Arkansas country singer Justin Moore.

This reminds me: When we invited votes on the Arkansan of the Year last week, among the 225 or so votes was one for Moore. A reader noted his No. 1 country song and commented, "Much more than a supposed IDOL has done."

Here are those votes on Arkie of the Year, by the way. Some interesting names surfaced. If you haven't yet been introduced to Dwight David Honeycutt, Conway school board candidate, you're overdue.

Now on a more serious note:

Sen. Blanche Lincoln's staff -- or maybe just an ardent admirer -- submitted a couple of votes for the senator. I know, I know.

But following, in the comment by the voter, is a theme that's likely to come from Lincoln's campaign now that we have a health legislation compromise. And you have to start wondering, once the fight's over and some solid improvements are put in place (particularly the end of insurance company denial of coverage of sick people), whether public opinion might start shifting on this issue. Here's the comment with the vote for Lincoln as Arkie of the year:

This lady is tougher than most of the men in Arkansas's government. While the tea partiers,, and other special interest groups have spent millions pressuring her to vote one way or another on health care, she didn't let it bother her. She did the honorable thing and voted to allow debate, then was an active player in the gang of 10 that created the compromise that will be our new health reform. She's powerful. She's right. And we are darn lucky to have her representing us.

Whadya think? (Not so much about who should be Arkie of the Year -- this wasn't a vote -- but on possibly changing political dynamics on health care generally and perceptions about Lincoln's role.)

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