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Kenneth Starr revisited



Ken Gormley, a Pittsburgh law professor, has been laboring for years on a book about Kenneth Starr's Javert-like pursuit of then-President Bill Clinton. It's due out in February and I talked to Gormley recently about picking up a piece of it for the Times. In the coolness offered by the passage of time, participants have provided Gormley ground-breaking information on the Whitewater investigation.

Politico has the first break on the contents, which are not flattering to persecutor Starr or Clinton.

In typical D.C. crotch-obsessed fashion, the Politico lead is on Monica Lewinsky offering opinions that Clinton had not been truthful about their relationship and the unsupported-by-specifics assertion that the author believes Susan McDougal and Clinton once had an affair. Of interest, certainly. But abuse of proseuctorial power strikes me as a bigger story.

“The Death of American Virtue,” due out in February, asserts that Clinton had yet another extramarital affair, with Susan McDougal of Whitewater fame. Also in the book, Monica Lewinsky tells author Ken Gormley that she believes the president lied under oath when he described their encounters.


At the same time, Gormley offers a harsh portrait of Starr as a man out of his depth and who lost all sense of proportion. His interviews offer new ammunition to critics who contend the Lewinsky investigation was marred at its outset by improper questioning of Lewinsky in January 1998 by Starr’s lieutenants, who continued to grill her even after she asked for a lawyer.

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