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The Ark. GOP cult



Arkansas's cultish Republican legislators are in the news, amusingly, on The Arkansas Project. It seems they don't like their cult being referred to as a cult. So they are issuing news releases proclaiming, "We are not a cult." Thus reinforcing the message.

ADDENDUM: The Blue Arkansas blog piles on.

So let me get this's okay to compare the President to Hitler or Stalin, healthcare reform to the holocaust, and Michelle Obama to a gorilla. But suggest that Republicans are down in a cave chanting "Mola-Rahm! Sula-Rahm!" or whatever and these big pansies go crying home to mommy! I love it! For all their talk about "Surrendercrats" or other such nonsense, or all the chest beating over guns and the death penalty, one little off handed comment reveals the Republican party to be a bunch of thumb sucking, bed wetting sissies!

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