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Mike Huckabee's flimsy alibi



I've been ignoring this all day, but no more. Mike Huckabee has placed his Fox column blaming others for alleged cop killer Maurice Clemmons in the Washington Post, the New York Daily News and other places.

It's more of the same. Yes, he commuted Clemmons' sentence in Arkansas, but others paroled him, yadda yadda.

The piece has many problems. It doesn't address why Huckabee singled out Clemmons from among others recommended for clemency. He blames a prosecutor for Clemmons' freedom in Arkansas when it was a Huckabee-controlled parole board that again set him free after only three years on a robbery committed after he went free thanks to Huck's clemency from a 108-year ride. Huckabee also badly understates the number of convictions amassed by Clemmons (not to mention other potential charges pending) in the 108-year sentence he was serving. Huckabee manages to omit mention of the two dozen prison disciplinary violations Clemmons had wracked up before Huckabee decided he was worthy of going free.

Huckabee also would have you believe the parole board is independent. It is of course entirely made up of gubernatorial appointees, who covet the well-paying jobs and have been known to deliver governors outcome they desired in hopes of being reappointed. (See Wayne Dumond.)

But the piece is mostly a litany of all those who made bad decisions subsequent to his own. None of which disturbs the simple reality: No Huckabee commutation, no release from prison, no dead cops. And it wasn't the only time Mike Huckabee screwed up.

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