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Gilbert Baker wins GOP straw poll



The straw poll in Hot Springs today for the Republican primary U.S. Senate race (some notable potential candidates -- Stanley Reed and Jim Holt  -- were absent) has been completed.

Sen. Gilbert Baker by a hair.

Twitterers report the vote breakdown: Sen. Gilbert Baker, 35 percent; Curtis Coleman, 33%; Conrad Reynolds, 23%; Tom Cox 4 %; Sen. Kim Hendren, 2 %; Fred Ramey, 2 %, and Buddy Rogers, 1%.

As usual, Jason Tolbert is on the scene and a reliable source of info. Here's his Twitter feed. I bet he'll post video on his site before long. He reports that Baker got in a dig at the absent Reed for past support of Democrats, including incumbent Sen. Blanche Lincoln and, gasp, Bill Clinton Others say 1,300 participated and Curtis Coleman and Conrad Reynolds got the biggest audience response. (Teabaggers are noisy, but perhaps not as numerous as they think.)

Baker's "live blogging" left something to be desired. Links for results produced nothing.

Losing candidates apparently went after Baker as a career politician. Question: Is somebody going to ask him how he likes his government health insurance coverage?

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