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Senatorial smoke signals



No word if white smoke rose from the chimney of the Marianna farmhouse at which former Farm Bureau president Stanley Reed was supposed to reach a family Thanksgiving decision on running for U.S. Senate as a Republican.

But an associate of the people who'd be his main money men -- real estate magnate Jim Lindsey and banker Reynie Rutledge -- says the strong indication from them is that Reed is in.

That would make eight. Jim Holt, care to field a full baseball team of Republican candidates?

PS -- It occurs to me that if Reed is indeed running -- and circumstantial evidence mounts -- that there's been no announcement because he wants to do it after the Republican straw poll Saturday in Hot Springs. It wouldn't do to jump in the race and finish poorly in the first party beauty contest.

MEANWHILE, Jason Tolbert reports the potential entry of Reed and maybe Holt to the race has Gilbert Baker reconsidering whether to take part in Saturday's straw poll. It's all about expectations and meaning and such. I'd say if you can't beat the gang of goobers currently assembled, there's not much point hanging around for bigger dogs to enter.

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