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Is there life in Lincoln?



What? Has Sen. Blanche Lincoln begun to run for re-election?

She'll have a news conference today to announce an amendment to limit the deductibility of insurance executive salaries as a business expense to $400,000 each, down from $1 million. She claims this will save government $65 million a year.

Earlier today, she blasted Republicans for flooding Arkansas with robocalls by John McCain trying to scare seniors about Medicare.

The truth is, Republicans will resort to any tactic to preserve the status quo. They are fighting reform even though America currently pays twice more and insures a lower percentage of our people than 29 industrialized nations.

Soon enough will come the gut-check Senate vote on who really prefers change to the status quo.

Lincoln would do well just to send around copies of this Arkansas Leader editorial that names names and political backgrounds on the angry codgers decrying health reform for the incessant ads paid by the pharmaceutical lobby. It also recaps the angry doctors' wives who harassed Rep. Vic Snyder out of fear their cocktail hours might be curtailed by a modest rein on the ungodly riches their husbands rake in.

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