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I'm not going to explain this much, because I know school issues have a limited audience.

But I want to post here Chris Heller's brief for the Little Rock School District to the Arkansas Board of Education on why unlimited open enrollment charter schools in Pulaski County are a contravention of court orders in the Pulaski County desegregation case. There can be more charter schools here, but approval must consider impact on further segregation of LRSD. The brief is in response to an application for a charter school targeting black males. The district doesn't directly oppose that idea, but it outlines factors that should be considered in charter school applications in a county under court litigation for a half-century.

It's a brilliant history of school litigation. It's a reminder of all the wrongs the state did in creating "Little Rock." It's instructive on what charter schools are supposed to be about and how many of them work by dumping their failures back on struggling conventional public school districts.

It's also a testament, I should add, to why Chris Heller is clearly qualified for one of the federal judgeships for which he's been nominated. The great irony is that racial politics may stand in the way of his selection.

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