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Seattle columnist, (who goes on to make the cruelest sort of Huckacut, suggesting that Mike Huckabee donate book royalties to families of slain Washington police officers):

Curious to a politician who wears faith on his sleeve, ex-Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee has engaged in Pilate-like hand washing over commuting the prison sentence of cop killer Maurice Clemmons.

In a similar vein:

If it were not for Mike Huckabee's grant of clemency to Maurice Clemmons, four police officers would be alive today. All of the subsequent failures of the criminal justice system followed Huckabee's act of clemency which reduced a 95 year prison sentence to 11 years. There is a total denial of this fact that permeates Huckabee's icy and cowardly statement.

Add former Huckabee staffer David Sanders to the growing list of former Huckabee employees who've had unkind things to say about their former boss:

Until now, Mike Huckabee has been a serial obfuscator, intent on blaming others and eliding his way through potential scandals involving criminals who, thanks to his intervention as governor of Arkansas, walked out of prison free.

In a prepared statement, Huckabee attempted to spread blame by saying the criminal justice system failed. ...

No more obfuscation. This time Huckabee must accept responsibility for his actions.

The New York Times has posted many of Huckabee's clemency documents on-line, including counsel Cory Cox's braying sneer of a letter in response to Prosecutor Robert Herzfeld's complaints about the governor's arbitrary and unexplained use of his clemency power.

Cartoonists are having a field day with his book titles -- "Do the Right Thing," etc. I still favor the image of a Huckabee Book Tour Gift Shop, with Wayne Dumond, Maurice Clemmons and assorted other Huckabee clemency recidivists walking out in Team Huck shirts.

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