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The magnificent seven



OK, then. The seven announced Republican candidates for U.S. Senate have qualified for a Republican Party fund-raiser, also known as a straw poll, in Hot Springs this Saturday. It should churn up plenty of media attention.

Each candidate had to buy at least one table of tickets, for $150; had to be a duly registered candidate, and had to show fund-raising sufficient to pay the $10,000 filing fee last go-round.

In the hunt: Col. Conrad Reynolds, Sen. Gilbert Baker, Fred Ramey, Buddy Rogers, Curtis Coleman, Sen. Kim Hendren, and Tom Cox.

Some 1,200 tickets were sold. In other words, the state Party essentially already knows who won (probably Gilbert Baker), because tickets were sold in blocks, unless it's close and the 350 possible state committee member votes who can vote free are present and decisive.

PS -- Former State Sen. Jim Holt isn't on the list. He's reactivated an old website. Does that mean he'll soon be in? I'm ambivalent. He's a monkey wrench. That's good. But I like that Magnifcent Seven moniker.

PPS -- Hmmmm. A very reliable tipster says Lauren Huckabee (daughter-in-law of the man who set Maurice Clemmons free) has resigned as chief of staff for the Coleman campaign. Does this mean the Huckabee family is switching to a coming candidacy by Jim Lindsey's farm overseer, Stanley Reed? We'll know soon. Her resignation note reveals nothing.



Little Rock – Today Republican Party of Arkansas Chairman Doyle Webb released an update for the Winter Republican Leadership Conference to be held December 5th at the Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs.
“The response to our plans for this weekend has been tremendous” said Webb.  “People are looking forward to hearing from those that could potentially be facing Sen. Lincoln and electing our next U.S. Senator.  I am excited to meet with conservatives from around the state who want to help Republicans win next fall.”
The RPA stopped selling tickets today at 4pm. At that time there was close to 1200 tickets sold, not including the nearly 350 possible state committee members that could be present and voting.
All seven announced Republican candidates for U.S. Senate met the needed requirements to participate in the Straw Poll. Those candidates, in the order they will speak and appear on the ballot, are Col. Conrad Reynolds, Sen. Gilbert Baker, Fred Ramey, Buddy Rogers, Curtis Coleman, Sen. Kim Hendren, and Tom Cox.
The emcee of the Straw Poll will be announced Republican candidate for Congress in Arkansas’ First District, Rick Crawford.  RPA Chairman Doyle Webb will announce the poll results. 
The agenda for December 5th is as follows. All open press activities will be held in the Conference Center of the hotel.
RPA State Committee Meeting ------------- 10am – 12pm
U.S. Senate Candidate Speeches ----------- 12:30pm – 2pm
Straw Poll Voting --------------------------- 2pm – 3pm
RPA Leadership Training ------------------- 2:30pm – 3:30pm
Announcing of Straw Poll Results ----------- 3:45pm – 4:15pm
            Speeches by top two

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