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Interstate parole tiff



The governor of Washington says her state will no longer accept parolees from Arkansas because of what she sees as Arkansas's unwillingness to work with Washington on keeping an accused cop-killer off the streets after he was arrested on charges in Washington. Arkansas parole officials have said they acted properly in not placing a parole violation hold on Maurice Clemmons solely on the basis of charges being filed.

I'm only guessing here. But I'm guessing few states, including Washington, rush to claim ex-cons who've gone off to other states and gotten in trouble again. Who needs another expensive prison bed-filler with a proven propensity for lawbreaking when he can be someone else's problem?

I think it's safe to say that object No. 1 of everyone who has a fingerprint on the Maurice Clemmons file, beginning with the man who made it possible for him to get out of a 108-year prison term, Mike Huckabee, is endeavoring to show that somebody else has more culpability than they do in his deadly actions. Someday, somebody might even stop pointing fingers and talk about the failure of an entire system that's very good at locking people up, but not very good at treating sick people or rehabilitating others.


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