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The Hillcrest Residents Association plans a rally Tuesday at LR City Hall to protest closure of neighborhood alert centers. The issue runs deeper than centers. If they cut code enforcement officers, doesn't matter how many centers are kept open, no enforcement can be done.

The HRA notes all the alert centers could be operated, and then some, for the mayor and city manager's salaries. The group has the good grace not to mention the mayor's event coordinator, protected from the meat ax. And subsidies to the Chamber of Commerce, preserved while arts institutions take another lick. Etc.


On Tuesday, Dec. 1 at 5:00 pm there will be a rally and press conference on the front steps of Little Rock City Hall for citizens to voice their opposition to the closing of six Alert Centers.
All HRA members should attend; your Alert Center is one of the six chosen to be closed as of Jan. 1, 2010.
If you…
      have ever used the Alert Center, plan to attend.
      like having a COPP Officer in your neighborhood, plan to attend.
      have ever called the Alert Center for help, plan to attend.
      like having a Code Enforcement Officer in our neighborhood, plan to attend.
      want your neighborhood to continue to improve, plan to attend.
You are invited to attend the City Board Meeting at 6:00pm (following the Rally), show your support and voice your opposition to the closings.
FACT CHECK –The City Manager's and Mayor's salaries together are more than the operating cost of the six Alert Centers and the salaries of the six Facilitators slated to be closed/laid-off.

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