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Slacker Friday



I'm slacking. But not much to report.

* Sen. Gilbert Baker tells Jason Tolbert he's raised $700,000. He'll need that, times five or more, to beat Jim Holt and Stanley Reed and more in a primary and then face Sen. Blanche Lincoln (or Bill Halter).

* I've avoided the stores. My daughter made a dawn patrol run to Target before flying back to her job. She gave up on buying a DVD. The checkout line circled the store. Carts loaded with big TVs. What the crowds mean in terms of sales for the season remains to be seen.

* Tiger Woods in 2:25 a.m. car wreck. ???

* I made turkey gumbo with our carcass. Too bad, with six quarts of it, I'm the only person in the house who likes turkey gumbo. It's the classic, muddy SW La. kind. Made with a jar of pre-made roux from Ville Platte. I like that not-quite-burnt, almost chocolatey taste. Perhaps it is an acquired taste.

I'll check in again, but you may just have to be on your own.

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