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Over to you.

FIRE AFTERMATH: Fox 16 photo of Papa and Flo.

But please ... Give a word of thanks that my friend, Flo Cato, 85, and Papa, 94, her husband of 70 years, escaped from a fire that devastated their Southwest Little Rock home today. Channel 7's coverage pictured Flo at her upbeat, indomitable best. Things can be replaced, Flo said, and turned to comfort a great-grandchild. 

I'm not so sure that there's a replacement for Flo, one of the city's great, succinct letter-to-the-editor writers. Thank goodness she's not ready for epitaphs yet. But she fits the elements of one of my favorite epitaphs: "She was a lady. She was a Democrat. She was a Baptist." That IS Flo.

I should add: Flo says Papa grows the best tomatoes anywhere. May the peapatch return.

Also, from Fox 16:

While they've lost most of their belongings, they feel they have plenty to be thankful for. "You know the Bible says he'll give his angels charge over us to keep us in all our ways," says Flora. "He was keeping us. Them angels were watching over us."

Again, wingnuts, Flo is a Democrat. Looks like He'll let a few of us slide by.

ON THE JUMP: Google preserves a Flo Cato letter from the Huckabee era. I love Flo.

Hillary walks the walk

Hillary Clinton doesn’t wear her religion on her sleeve like Mike Huckabee does, but she has a strong faith.

I lived two blocks from the Governor’s Mansion when the Clintons were there. Hillary never had to tell me she was a Christian. I just knew. I would rather see someone live her faith, not just talk about it.

We say that we believe in separation of church and state, yet in this campaign it seems that the deciding factor is who is the most religious. They are not running for pope. The president is president of all the people, believers and non-believers.

I don’t understand why lots of people seem to think that Huckabee is so religious. He left the ministry and went into politics. He was called to preach or he wasn’t. If he wasn’t, he had a lot of Baptists fooled. The Bible says no man, having put his hand to the plough and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.

Remember when Republicans were going to put this great Christian leader in the White House, George W. Bush? We have been misled from day one. We heard that there was no doubt that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Sure, Hillary voted to support the president. You expect the president to tell you the truth. We later found out it was all a big lie.


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