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Mayor Stodola's budget



Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola has distributed his budget recommendations for next year. It's all pain, no gain, when you have to trim more than $6 million from current year spending.

Stodola would cut 51 jobs (real people, not elimination of vacancies) across the board, except for holding public safety jobs harmless.

He'd whack $1 million from prevention-treatment-intervention programs.

City employees would get no pay raise. Union employees would be asked to defer scheduled increases to July 1.

Community centers, neighborhood center and rec centers will see reductions in hours, if not closed. (The people's gym at War Memorial Park would lose its already diminished Sunday hours; swim season will be cut from 12 to six weeks; East LR Community Center closed except for gym, etc.)

He proposed a cut of $500,000 in funding to outside agencies, but isn't specific on whether arts institutions, the Chamber of Commerce or who would shoulder the burden.

A tax increase is the only way out of the city's mess apart from deep cuts. Nobody's talking about that -- publicly -- as yet.

Here's the full memo. Read and report.

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