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Jim Holt to run again? UPDATE



FAMILY VALUES: a 2004 campaign photo for Jim Holt, who may run against Blanche Lincoln again.

Rumors are rising about a Jim Holt entry into the Republican primary for Senate, with several Republicans predicting it's a done deal. I'd think that would just about guarantee nobody wins the primary without a runoff.

That would make the primary quite expensive, a touch of comfort to Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln, who's busy amassing campaign gold. (Unless, of course, SHE also draws a primary opponent. Mr. Halter?)

Background: Holt, a religious conservative and former state senator, piled up a healthy vote (56-44) in losing a lightly funded grassroots campaign against Lincoln six years ago. His devotees are, well, devoted.

I got a call through to his house in Springdale today. He was out. His wife said she couldn't comment on his political plans, but would relay my expression of interest. She rang off with a cheery, "God bless."

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