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Health care Darwinism



Is it really as simple as David Brooks puts it today? That Congress faces a choice of universal health care (and, I'd add, saving millions of lives) or dynamic U.S. growth? (It is interesting, isn't it, that the politicians who most identify as "pro-life" are the strongest opponents of universal health care?)

The bottom line is that we face a brutal choice.

Reform would make us a more decent society, but also a less vibrant one. It would ease the anxiety of millions at the cost of future growth. It would heal a wound in the social fabric while piling another expensive and untouchable promise on top of the many such promises we’ve already made. America would be a less youthful, ragged and unforgiving nation, and a more middle-aged, civilized and sedate one.

We all have to decide what we want at this moment in history, vitality or security. We can debate this or that provision, but where we come down will depend on that moral preference. Don’t get stupefied by technical details. This debate is about values.

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