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It's vibrant in NW Ark.

* A new Rogers, Ark. blog is up and running. Top item currently is about a proposal to prohibit use of cell phones in school zones. How about everywhere in traffic?

* Thanks to Ozarks Unbound, I learned about The Dogood Letters. It's been busy for a month or more. Mission: "Keeping Benton County's newspapers honest when they don't give an honest effort." Dogood's recent posts razz: 1) Crystal Bridges media hype; 2) undue flackery for Arvest Bank, and 3) the poor quality of the Stephens-Hussman monopoly newspaper arrangement. An independent spirit, in other words.

* And speaking of independent spirits: The Iconoclast rolls on, lately with an item explaining how the ABC okayed beer and wine sales in two Fayetteville Wal-Mart stores in good parts of town, but turned down one in a less affluent section on account of "crime" concerns. This is a big local political issue. Wal-Mart, you've heard of. New mayor Lioneld Jordan stayed neutral. The powerful retail liquor store lobby fought new permits tooth and nail. Sen. Sue Madison was back in the fray. The local police opposed the permit, but liquor store owners were mad that the mayor wouldn't pay to send a cop down to Little Rock to further testify in person about the police opposition already expressed in a letter to the ABC.

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