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I take a half-hour off to pick up my daughter at the airport and I return to a mailbox full of zaniness. For example:

* Debbie Pelley, diehard NE Ark. wingnut, encourages true conservatives to hold off choosing a candidate in the Republican Senate primary. Jim Holt may be yet to reappear, she says. This came with a diatribe too lengthy to repeat on the liberal Gilbert Baker.

* I learn from one of his Twitter followers that 2nd District Congressional candidate David Meeks had tweeted in support of a proclamation of Arkansas sovereignty. Jim Johnson, where are you? Arkansas last sought state sovereignty -- that is superiority over any other government -- back in 1861. It didn't turn out so hot.

* The Huckster says "political correctness" is to blame for the Fort Hood massacre.

Feel better about Blanche Lincoln now, Dems?

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