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Fast times in Pulaski County



I'm reminded that the Pulaski County Quorum Court will vote tomorrow night on the 2010 budget. It will include a 4 percent pay raise for all county employees, beginning with members of the Quorum Court, just weeks after the Quorum Court granted itself and other county employees a 4 percent pay bonus.

Says JP Phil Stowers, one of four no votes on the pay raise in committee and one of only two votes against the bonus: "I am generally favorable to modest cost-of-living increases, however given the fact that we passed the bonus ordinance in October it makes it extremely difficult for me to support a 4% pay increase one month later."

Stowers notes one other little ol' spending item: The Quorum Court is increasing its travel budget by more than 450 percent -- from $3,311 to $15,000. Says Stowers: "While we have ask other elected officials, department heads, and judges to keep their budgets as conservative as possible we are considering an increase in our own travel budget of 450%."

No recession at the county courthouse.

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