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Fun in the Repub primary



The following takes my mind momentarily off all the grim words I heard at the Clinton Library luncheon about U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln's re-election campaign. Enthusiasm is lacking, to put it mildly. (Speaking of which, more bad poll numbers for her here.)

For entertainment, I recommend Jason Tolbert's report on Republican Scott Wallace cutting up Republican Tim Griffin, an opponent in the race for the 2nd Congressional District nomination, for his Washington, D.C., fund-raising activities.

"[Wallace's] release said that Griffin was “cashing in favors owed to him from his years of work as a Washington, DC political operative.”

The release goes on to say “Vic Snyder and his liberal friends will party like its 2006 if Republicans nominate a candidate who is a former Bush operative so easily tied to the record spending, record deficits, corporate bailouts and lobbyist scandals that caused us to be stuck with Speaker Pelosi and the Obama administration.”

I don't see eye to eye with Wallace on much, but I think he has that part about the Bush record just about right.

Here's an idea. Maybe Wallace could get into the public conduct of some of Griffin's supporters toward U.S. Rep. Vic Snyder and his wife, new mother of triplets? Family values at work there?

In case you missed it, Ernie Dumas' column this week recounts the infamous Graffiti's Incident, in which a Republican doctor's wife (and hostess for a Griffin fund-raiser) bragged about berating Snyder and his wife during dinner last week for his health care vote. Here's the original blog post on that event, with almost 200 comments.

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