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Snyder faces tough race



The robopoll on the 2nd District shows U.S. Rep. Vic Snyder ahead, but really in a statistical dead heat with three Republican candidates who range from little known to totally unknown. It reflects unhappiness with Congress, a district leaning negative on health care and low approval for President Obama. Commentary:

Certainly a lot can change between now and next November, and Snyder has shown resilience in bad election years for Democrats in the past. But we polled Arkansas-2 because we thought it would be a good test case for whether the political climate is so bad for Dems right now that districts that haven't been in the top tier of competitiveness for years might be in play, and it looks like the answer is yes.

Here are the full results, question by question. Noted: 59 percent of the 400 survey respondents said they were Pulaski County residents.

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