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Grover Norquist lays down the law



Thus sayeth Norquist about Mike Huckabee's presidential aspirations:

Norquist, the president of Americans for Tax Reform and one of the most influential voices in the modern conservative movement, says he will be keeping a close eye on the activities of potential candidates over the next year and will be sure to tell Republican voters who’s a team player and who’s out for themselves.

“We’re going to put together a list of all the people thinking of running for president and ... give assignments to each of the would-be presidential candidates. For instance, if the former governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee would like to run and be thought of as a serious candidate he better win that Senate seat in Arkansas (held by Democrat Blanche Lincoln). He can raise the money for it, he can help turn it around. If he’s not willing to do that for the party, why should we spend any time thinking about him?” Norquist said in a Nov. 13 interview.

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