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I broke a little piece of news as I was departing Little Rock National Airport on my recent vacation. I sent in a blog note (courtesy of the airport's free wireless) that American Airlines was planning a switch to MD 80 full-sized jets for four flights a day to Dallas. The daily newspaper followed up my blog report with details about how the airline could fly more passengers in fewer flights and more comfort. Airport officials were thrilled. Etc.

Cue Emily Litella.

The schedules for April, when the new equipment was supposed to debut, don't show the MD 80s on the LIT-DFW run. Instead, they indicate that 50-seat regional jets (that cursed 1-2 configuration) will be flying almost hourly to Dallas, 10 flights a day. LR National spokesman refers me to American Airlines. I've left a message, but got no return call.

I hope there's been some misunderstanding on my part.

UPDATE: Alas, my report was correct:

Once we finalized the entire Spring 2010 schedule, unfortunately we needed to use those aircraft on other routes – just not enough aircraft to go around. However, when we added the mainline we took out a great deal of frequency. There would have been well over 4 hours between each flight. Now, we’ll be able to push the frequency back up to 10 flights a day.
Andrea Huguely
American Airlines
Media Relations

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