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I may not have time for more pooch pix. But it's been fun. (Cats are on hold, feline fanciers. Sorry.)

The line is open. Go Hogs.

Meanwhile, here's an advance mention on some numbers coming soon, proably tomorrow, on the 2nd District robopoll I mentioned Friday. It shows Rep. Vic Snyder trailing potential Republican opponents among voters with negatives toward both parties. (How big a niche that is, I don't know.) As with the Republicans leading Sen. Blanche Lincoln, the Snyder opponents are effectively unknowns as far as name recognition (save negatives for Tim Griffin.) General dissatisfaction is no doubt a factor to worry about, though we're a year away from voting. I'll be curious about how calls were distributed across the district in this poll. This race has nearly always been won in Pulaski County.

UPDATE: Some late-arriving dogs on the preceding dog entry. I think I'm voting for Elvis Saunders as Dog of the Day, though it was just about a dead heat for all of them.

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