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KFSM takes a news cruise



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The KFSM Channel 5 news team in Fayetteville will have to do without a satellite truck for awhile.  On Wednesday, a photographer and a reporter parked the van – fully equipped for satellite broadcast from any location – near the bank of the White River in Fayetteville to cover a dramatic water rescue. The station covered the story, complete with photo.

“We’re still trying to figure out exactly what happened,” said Rick Bagley, news director for KFSM.  “I don’t think the truck was parked too close to the bank to where it just fell in, it was originally parked several feet back, but in the course of setting up the shot, something happened and it began to roll and it rolled into the river.”

Bagley says the total cost of the accident is $250,000.  In addition to the truck itself, Channel 5 also lost a video camera, multiple camera batteries, a light kit and some other equipment.

“We pulled it out,” Bagley said.  “It was mostly under water.  I think they’re taking a look to see if there’s anything that could be salvaged but at this point I don’t think so.”
When asked if anyone had been fired over the incident, Bagley said he could not comment on personnel matters.

“We’re just fortunate no one was hurt,” he said.  “But the loss of equipment was significant."

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