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The morning mail is full of tips on interesting Arkansas info. Among them:

* A progressive blog has set up a page to encourage campaign contributions to U.S. Reps. Marion Berry and Vic Snyder for their critical votes in favor of House health legislation.

* A local blogger has written -- unhappily -- that Pulaski Academy won't send its band to a football playoff game in Helena-West Helena.

* David Koon's story about the brave young West Fork student who's declined to join in the daily Pledge of Allegiance exercise at his school, despite coercion from teacher and other students, has gone viral, judging by email from England and an outpouring of comments, pro and con, on the story.

* Sen. Gilbert Baker is a liberal? Caution: consider the source. And I don't mean Pat Lynch, whose blog passes along the nuttiness.

* ALSO: A UAMS household is heard from regarding yesterday's announced pay cuts, particularly the matter of how some were affected and some, notably doctors, were not.

How much did UAMS spend with the Disney Institute to come in and put in
their philosophy about all of UAMS being one big family and being important
from the housekeeping staff to the nurses aides to the doctors just to turn
around and undo it all by cutting only the clinical program's staff pay?

Only the people supporting clinical programs were cut so a biller or billing
manager who bills for the doctors and of course the doctor's themselves
weren't cut but a biller or a billing manager who bills for the hospital was

A pharmacist who works for the Poison Control office at UAMS wasn't
cut but a pharmacist filling patient medicines in the pharmacy was cut.  A
nurse working in the College of Nursing wasn't cut but a nurse taking care
of a cancer patient on a floor was cut.  Someone doing medical coding for
the doctor's charges wasn't cut but someone doing medical coding for the
hospital charges was cut. 

Is the new philosophy that everyone is important but some are more important than others?   Basically they are doing a pay cut for 3,300 but why aren't the other 7,000 or however many there are being cut too?

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