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Huckabee hits the sauce



Says here that Mike Huckabee has turned to protein shakes to trim off "25 pounds" gained due to a foot problem. Er, governor, how many feet have you eaten?

And still more bad reviews for Huckabee's whinefest with Politico that I mentioned earlier today. Are people starting to get to know the real Huckster?

Folksy musician and 2008 Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee has brought people together. From the staid conservative thought-leader National Review to snarky DC gossip site Wonkette, from right-wing blogger Dan Riehl to liberal bastion The New Republic, everyone is a little disenchanted with Huckabee:

WIN VALUABLE PRIZE: This is a perfect place, it occurs to me, to mention that Norma Bates has her second annual "Caption This" contest underway at her Damsel in Distress blog. This year, Norma is looking for Huckabee haiku. Click here to see what Norma has in mind.

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