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Barnstorming with Huckabee



Politico's Ben Smith does a major piece on Mike Huckabee, busy on a national book tour. It's as good as a political campaign for continuing exposure. Now the de facto favorite among Republicans for 2012, Huckabee still sounds reluctant to Smith. One big reason: a familiar theme -- money.

And now he really sounds like he won’t run for president.


“A factor that I’ve got to look at is [that] it means walking away from what I’m doing ,” he said. “I’d have to completely walk away from it and not get it back — they’re not going to keep the seat warm for you. And the other thing: Not many of us can forgo an income for a couple of years.”


Huckabee expands on his theory that elected officials should be forced to resign their offices before running for another.


“One of the things that bugged me while I ran was looking around at all these people onstage who were senators and congressmen — I as a taxpayer was paying their health insurance and their salaries and a lot of their staff,” he said. “I was having to figure out how to make my house payment and pay my health insurance.”


Then there are the attacks. Huckabee reads everything written about him and asks his daughter to explain attacks on the obscurest blogs.

UPDATE: Eureka. Somebody else gets it. Gawker captures the poor-little-me ethos that has so long marked The Huckster and which is on display here in his familiar envy of others' money plus his resentment of the attention Caribou Barbie gets for her better looks.

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