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Who needs health care reform?



Roby Brock's new polling would lead you to believe there's no point in supporting health care reform in Arkansas. Numbers say 83 percent are at least somewhat satisfied with the quality of their health care and 80 percent are at least somewhat satisfied with their "current health insurance plan."

And, if you don't have a current health care plan?

The numbers also show a strong preference for private insurance plans and antipathy toward "government health care systems." I'm with this comment:

Democratic strategist Robert McLarty, who also provided input on the questions asked, argues, “When folks are asked about a government-run healthcare plan, they think about Big Brother, they think Orwell, they think socialism and even communism.  If you ask people about Medicare, Social Security, ARKids First, or Medicaid – well, people have a completely different opinion—and that is something I’m going to suggest for our next poll.”

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