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Pssst. Wanna buy some Kotex?



Fox 16 reports a half-million-dollar theft of Kimberly Clark products from a Conway distribution center.

Thieves broke into Exel Logistics in Conway by cutting the lock on a gate. Once on the property, they rifled through seven cargo containers, eventually stealing two 53-foot-long orange containers full of products belonging to the Kimberly Clark Corporation. "Kind of strange, unique, type theft, a high dollar amount," says Lieutenant Danny Moody with Conway Police.

About $474,000 worth of Kotex feminine products and baby wipes were in the containers. While they know how they got into the facility, police are trying to figure out how they got the containers and so much merchandise out. "[It is ] totally inconceivable that it was being pulled by anything other than the normal tractor trailer rig you see going down the interstate," says Moody.

The Conway Police department is also investigating the theft of a big rig from another location. If related, investigators may have solved how the thieves carried off the items. Why is another issue.

Moody says, "It's a strange thing that's a whole lot of baby wipes, feminine products. Man, it's amazing."

Moody believes thieves are crafty. They'll find a demand for the products and a place to sell them. "Even vendors setting up on the side of the highway on a parking lot a good deal is a good deal."

Police hope a good deal on feminine products will lead them to the thieves.

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