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Huckabee sneers at Obama



Mike Huckabee puts together one long sarcastic sneer at President Obama, but I wonder if this isn't a future talking point (the infidel suspected Muslim doesn't even go to church) from his end of the political pew:

Maybe he's feeling a bit guilty about all the stuff he promised to do and then didn't and we keep bringing it up. If that's the case, there's only one thing that will help and Fox News can't fix it: Maybe he just needs to accept responsibility for his own speeches and if he can't do everything he promised, then just say so.

That's the lesson we all learn in church and he promised that one of the first things he'd do when he got to Washington was find a church. He hasn't done that either and maybe that, not Fox News is the problem. He may never find a preacher as gentle and sweet-spirited as Reverend Jeremiah Wright, but we hope he can make peace with himself and then maybe he can make it with Fox News.

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