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Huckabee backs Limbaugh



Mike Huckabee thinks Rush Limbaugh ought to sue someone over his failure to buy part of an NFL franchise. Really.

Grounds? Defendants? You tell me. It's hard to tell from Huckabee's weird piece, which is mostly a rehash of his "death of journalism" theme. See, it's the lyin' reporters that did Limbaugh in, not his own words. Just as it's the lyin' reporters, not his own deeds and ill-chosen words, that sometimes got Mike Huckabee in trouble.

To this day, I fight perceptions based on distortions and outright lies that were put in print and on the airwaves in the course of my political career at the state and national level.

Ironically, one of the most ridiculous labels thrown on me was that of a "big government liberal," and even Rush Limbaugh said it during the presidential campaign. It certainly wasn't good for my political career and now Rush is experiencing a bunch of lies being thrown on him and finding that it can matter.

Read it for yourself.

(Ain't it just like The Huckster, a tort reform champion, to start talking lawsuit the minute something turns out in a way he doesn't like.)

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