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The early line



This may be your open line if I can't return.

But let me just say what a nice day it is. Crisp and sunny. A good day for football. I hope.

And it has been fine in other ways, too. I made my Saturday stop this morning at Boulevard Bread and ran smack into Carol Matlack, a prize-winning reporter for the Arkansas Gazette many years ago, now with Business Week in Paris. She's in town with many other famous and infamous former staffers at the Pine Bluff Commercial, back in the day of Freeman ownership. They'll be eating barbecue and getting reacquainted at Whole Hog tonight.

Later, I made a couple of stops along Taco Row, aka Baseline Road. Emma's Taqueria wagon today -- hoy! -- included hot chocolate, tamales and menudo as cold weather specialties. Its fresh green and red salsas were head-clearingly fantastic. Across the way, I had a second course at another taco truck, La Vaquera. The supreme pastor taco was as good as any I've had lately, the lengua a close second. $2 each for the supreme version (lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado, crema, queso fresco). The strip center close by had a health fair underway next door to the Mexican grocery. Dancing children, Mexican singers and a parking lot grill handled by cooks from La Regionale were among the attractions

Welcome to America, y'all. Stay a while.

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