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LR Zoo rhino dies at 42



Obit from Susan Altrui at the Little Rock Zoo:

Dudley, a 42-year-old white rhino, passed away at the Little Rock Zoo this morning in the quiet and comfort of his barn.   Dudley lived at the Zoo since 1995 when he was acquired from the Fort Worth Zoo. 

Rhinos in captivity typically live into their mid-30’s so when Dudley was acquired at age 28 he was expected to only live a few more years. Much to the delight of Zoo staff, Dudley thrived while living at the Zoo and far surpassed his life expectancy.

Dudley was found this morning lying down in the barn and was struggling to get back up. When Zoo veterinarian, Dr. Marilynn Baeyens, arrived she administered a drug to euthanize him.

Dudley was showing signs of decline for a while.  He had started resting his head on the ground for long periods of time and was losing weight.  Zoo staff knew it was just a matter of time before nature would take its course and Dudley would pass.

Dudley was thought of fondly by Zoo staff who loved his sweet personality and calm demeanor.

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