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Gag reflex ready?



Americans for Prosperity is bringing its road show to Arkansas Oct. 29. Republican hatchet men are the paid facilitators of this outfit, a creation of the wealth of the right-wing Koch family, which makes jillions from oil and chemicals. You can guess where they stand on environmental legislation. They'll be in Little Rock, Jonesboro and Texarkana to argue against spending of the money they inherited from daddy on government health care for the sick and needy.

If that isn't bad enough, they'll reportedly be bringing faux journalist John Stossel with them. "Pathological liar," in one writer's view. Also "stupid.": A marriage made in heaven with Fox.

As it happens, Rachael Maddow worked over one of the oily AFP shills last night. First part mentions Arkansas visit. Click to see second part for lots of details on this bunch.


Here's Part II.

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