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Mike Huckabee: More guff on Nobel



Some media truncated Mike Huckabee's original quote about the Barack Obama Nobel, including the part about right-wing whining, but not the part making it clear he was whining, too.

Huckabee's Fox News column makes his lack of charity clear. First, there's the money angle, naturally.

I congratulate President Obama for this huge recognition as well as that big fat cash prize of $1.4 million. Now that's change and folding money that we can believe in!

But then he gets into full sneer:

Talk about giving hope to all of us — no longer do we have to actually accomplish stuff, but simply convince others that we hope to accomplish stuff. I think we ought to universally celebrate the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize for potential deeds.

Since I'm a musician, I'd like to go ahead and get my Grammy now — and I'm on TV, so I want an Emmy as well.

I've written several books, and have a brand-new Christmas book that hits the bookstores in November, so let me thank everyone in advance for the Pulitzer Prize that I've always wanted.

Etc. Etc. A laff riot. Has there ever been a more covetous preacher/politician?

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